Transportation Management

Transportation Management

While you're delivering goods, we're delivering value

Let third-party logistics improve your transportation services at every turn. As a non-asset based provider we find cost-minimization for you, not profit maximization for the fleet. And while you get the benefit of the best carrier, mode and route options, you don't give up any access or control: you have full shipment visibility. So while you're delivering goods, you're also delivering the best service to your customers.

To streamline your transportation logistics, dedicated dispatch personnel will:

  • Optimize vehicle routing and scheduling
  • Manage carrier performance
  • Speed response times to changes in demand
  • Consolidate shipments
  • Generate accurate, real-time documents and reports
  • Streamline invoices and auditing

Get rid of your daily headaches - let us manage your carrier relationships and maximize your return on investment. We can:

  • Evaluate current freight costs upfront
  • Standardize variables to compare true costs
  • Investigate opportunities to decrease costs through a change of mode
  • Leverage volume through core carriers to yield lower cost and more capacity
  • Schedule regular bid rates
  • Track carrier performance against commitments

JDI Logistics will build better relationships on your behalf. We'll find the best cost, mode, carriers and route combinations all along the way.